A Perfect Fall Day in the Northeast Kingdom

Keeping your eyes on the road while driving along Route 91 as it winds through Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom (NEK) in the fall is no small task. With Vermont’s Green Mountains to the west… Continue reading

March Update

When I first began skiing, hardly a day would pass without spending some time on the slopes, and skiing a hundred days a year wasn’t an achievement, it was an expectation. It’s hard… Continue reading

Insta Outside

I’ve been thinking a lot about the time I spend outside lately. More precisely, I’ve been thinking about the manner in which I share my outside experiences. Although I love to write this… Continue reading

Two-Wheeled Time Machine

It’s hard to believe that a late-90s GT LTS full-suspension mountain bike (in team colors) was the vehicle that transported me to all the other outdoor activities I pursue today, but it’s true.… Continue reading

January Recap

January—and New Year’s Day, in particular—presents the chance to reflect on how we spent the last 365 days, and more importantly, it lets us look ahead to how we want to spend the… Continue reading

Spinning My Wheels

This year, I had a love affair with my mountain bike (okay, bikes) that began in the spring and lasted through the fall. However, with the arrival of winter, and its dark, gloomy mood,… Continue reading

The Drive to Drink

“Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger After a summer and fall spent waking up before sunrise to ride my mountain bike, I learned… Continue reading

Confessions of a Puffy Coat Addict

  They say the first step to dealing with a problem is admitting that you have a problem, so here it goes: I’m addicted to puffy coats. Whether it’s insulated with down, synthetic,… Continue reading

Get Out…Outside, That Is

  During my early years in the outdoors, I spent nearly as much time and energy pursuing the perfect gear as I did chasing my outdoor ambitions and dream trips. These days, during… Continue reading

Ready for Winter Update

Ice tools have been sharpened and skis tuned, I’ve played in the snow a little, and my chili recipe is on point—it must be winter! While I would love to brag about the… Continue reading