Tecumseh Rumney Combo November 2010

View from Mount Tecumseh’s summit.

One of my favorite trips is something I call the combination day.  The combination day turns two activities which may not fill the entire day into one excellent multi-sport adventure.   The key to a successful combination day is picking two activities that are relatively close to each other and somehow compliment one another.

My personal favorite combination day is the mixture of a hike up Mount Tecumseh with bouldering at Rumney.  These two activities blend well for a number of reasons.  One, their locations are relatively close to each other.  Two, after hiking you are ready for a more casual/social activity such as bouldering.  Three, by heading to Rumney in the afternoon the crowds have begun to thin often leaving the bouldering empty.  Lastly, it does not require packing a ton of additional gear.  A crash pad, climbing shoes, and chalk are about all you need to add to your hiking gear.

Tecumseh is a relatively casual and straight forward hike with a well marked trail.  Mount Tecumseh stands in at 4,003 feet tall and is the shortest of New Hampshire’s 4,000 footers.  The trail is roughly 3 miles long and gains 2,200 feet of elevation.  One nice thing about Tecumseh is that the trail is easy to ski up and has ski able options for the descent.  This makes Tecumseh a great winter option.  Although the hike is relatively short it is relatively steep and consistent making Tecumseh a great place to gain fitness or  to gauge your fitness level.

While the majority of a hike up Tecumseh is short on views the top often can make up for it.  Despite the moderately wooded summit you often get a great view of Mount Washington.

 Mickey Spades bouldering at the Pound.

For bouldering at Rumney we normally head to the Pound or the Blackjack Boulders.  The Pound is a nice option because there is no parking fee, it is closer to the highway, the approach is shorter, and you are separate from the rope climbing.   The Pound contains everything a  boulderer could want.  It has a nice blend of hard and easy problems and even some classic highball problems if you are feeling strong and brave.  The Blackjacks are a good option if it has recently rained or is threatening to rain.  The Blackjacks can be a little more overhung giving you more options if the elements turn against you.

Here is a quick glance at my most recent combination trip:

Mickey Spades on the summit of Mount Tecumseh.
 Me on the summit of Mount Tecumseh.
Doug at the Pound.
Mickey at the Pound. 
For more information on bouldering at The Pound check out the link below.