Pond Cave November 2010

Looking out from the Pond Cave

Late fall is all about capitalizing on good weather.  As fall begins to feel like winter the window to finish our climbing projects gets shorter by the day.  So with a moderately warm day predicted and sun in the forecast we headed to the Pond Cave at Lincoln Woods.  The pond cave is an idyllic place for late season bouldering.  It is both protected from the wind and gets an abundance of early morning sunshine, making it feel much warmer than it is.

The one negative about the Pond Cave is that you better be at the height of your sending powers.  The problems begin at V3 and only go up from there.  The terrain at the Pond Cave is best described as steep, but the rock’s texture is forgiving by Lincoln Woods standards.  If V3 is your limit you can always stop by the Sit Down boulders and get a warm up in on the approach.

 Doug working The Quiet Buddhist V3

Ashley working The Quiet Buddhist V3

Another great thing about the Pond Cave is the relative solitude.  The Pond Cave has the longest approach (15 to 20 minutes) of all the Lincoln Woods boulders.  The long approach combined with the lack of moderate problems helps to keep the masses away.  In three trips to the Pond Cave (all on busy days) this month I have only encountered one other climber there.

 Ashley on The Pond Cave Traverse V3
 Tim on Lip Service V3
Mickey Spades on Lip Service V3
Ashley really wanted to sport climb at Rumney