The Doubleheader

I was sitting at home last night when my phone beeped, indicating a new message.  The message was an invitation to join some friends bouldering at Lincoln Woods the following day.  Having just been to ‘the woods’ that day I was hesitant to go, but with stellar weather in the forecast and good company assured I could not pass up the offer.  The Doubleheader is not easily accomplished, especially at a place such as Lincoln Woods.  My hands were feeling the abuse dished out the day before and my arms were weakened from the prior day’s effort at The Pond Cave.

The key to making day two of the Doubleheader a success is managing expectations.  Very rarely on your second day in a row of hard climbing do you send something proud, so it is best not to go into the day even thinking about finishing a project.  If you do by chance send something proud that is a bonus, because day two is really about having a good time and jumping on problems that you find enjoyable.

The weather did not disappoint us with an abundance of sunshine creating comfortable temperatures and warm rock.  We did the Lincoln Woods sampler today and had some successes mixed in with the failures, but most importantly everyone had a great day and enjoyed a perfect fall morning.  We visited four separate boulders and I even sent something I had never done before.

We started the day by visiting the Ship’s Prow, a great boulder to warm up.  The Ship’s Prow contains tons of moderates and even a few spicy, tallish, slab problems.

Paul warming up The Ship’s Prow
After The Ship’s Prow we worked our way to the Whale Boulder.  The Whale Boulder is a cool boulder with superior texture.  The boulder is rough but it offers incredible friction especially in the cool fall temps.  The Whale Boulder has very few problems on it and sees little traffic, but if you are in the area it is worth visiting.

 Paul working the Whale Traverse

 Tim getting ready to top out the Whale Traverse into the sun

After the Whale Boulder we crossed the street and headed toward The Cave.  The Cave contains a wide variety of problems starting at V-easy and ending at V-hard, is close to the parking, and is visible from the road making it the crown jewel of Lincoln Woods bouldering.  The one thing that distinguishes the Cave from other crags at Lincoln Woods is its steep, relatively tall nature.  Be sure your head’s in a good spot before committing to the top outs.

 Tim working Neil’s Lunge

After taking a beating at The Cave we worked our way to Mack’s Traverse to wind down our day.   Mack’s Traverse is adjacent to the Cave and the whole area is often referred to as the Warm Up.  Mack’s Traverse is a fun little boulder with some easy straight ups and the classic V2 at Lincoln Woods, Mack’s Traverse.

Ashley K topping out Left Mack’s

Tim on Mack’s Traverse