We Are Getting Closer

On Wednesday I met Luke for a pre-work skin and ski of Mount Wachusett.  The plan was to skin two runs before I would have to leave for work.  For the most part, these skin and ski sessions are fairly uneventful and are really just an excuse to get together and sneak in a quick workout before work.

Luke and Peter showing off their (EMS Climbing School Logo-ed) Helix Jackets

What made the other day stand out when compared to previous days this season is that, for the first time, it felt like winter.  The moment I stepped outside of my car I noticed the cold; the parking lot temperature according to the thermometer on my car was only 15 degrees and it felt even colder than that. In addition to the cold, the sky had the darkness in it that we associate with winter (that is despite it being morning there was an absence of sun in the sky).  Lastly, it was snowing out.  While getting ready in the parking lot, we were treated to snow flurries, and about halfway through our first run the flurries had turned into legitimate snow.

Luke skinning under the guns

With the cold temperature the mountain had the snow guns running full blast making a wintry day feel even more so.  The combination of natural snow mixed with the man-made snow gave the trails a nice cover in fresh snow.  Despite some inconsistency with the amount of cover, there were very few icy patches and, in my opinion, they were the nicest runs I have had at Wachusett all season.

Luke pausing/posing on the second lap of the day

Luke commented that he was “soaked, tired, and excited about the skiing…kinda felt like a backcountry day.”  I could not agree more.  While the skin and ski days help quench the thirst for skiing, I am still hungry for the backcountry and am anxiously anticipating our first big dump of snow this season.  I am hopeful that the wintry day like Wednesday are building towards winter.

Luke skinning up