Oooops…I did it again

Luke on the hike up

I showed up at Wachusett Monday morning with the intention of meeting Luke to ski a few runs before heading to work.  Luke had some new skis I was anxious to try, and a few new snowboards he was excited to test out.  Normally we would skin a lap or two, but after that run in with the overeager ski patroler the other day and my need to get to work, we decided to keep a low profile and avoid skinning.  So I showed up with everything a person needs to take a few lift assisted runs at the mountain…with the exception of my season pass.

Luke not looking too upset about having to hike

Without my pass, lift runs were out of the question leaving us two options:  skin the trails, risking another run in with ski patrol and possibly jeopardizing skinning later this season; or hike up the backside which we had done the previous day.  We both had fun Sunday and opted to hike up the backside.  There was a noticeable difference today from yesterday as the air was much colder and the wind was whipping strongly.  Despite a cool start the wind subsided as we got into the woods and the chill faded as we got moving.

Getting close to the top

The hike was quieter today than Sunday as well.  We did not cross paths with any other people on the hike.  There is something very special about being able to get out during the week, and it is amazing how the character of activities can really change.  Busy hikes become quiet and overpopulated ski runs become near empty.

Finally getting to ride

In conclusion, Luke and I hiked the backside of Mount Wachusett and descended on Conifer.  It was far from a great day of skiing but it certainly was a great day to get out.  I can’t speak for Luke but in hindsight I am not sad about forgetting my pass and being forced to hike.