Looking at the scenery from the midway point
Doug looking for a line amidst thin conditions in the trees

In the aftermath of the blizzard we received, I came to the realization that I had not really sampled any post-storm pow.  While I was able to find some pockets of excellent snow at Waterville Valley, the wind had done a fantastic job sweeping the mountain clean, leaving much of the mountain icy and my desire to ski deep snow unsatisfied.

The Skate Banana has been the board of choice the last few seasons
Luke also sporting a Skate Banana

In the hopes of finding some untracked snow, and hopeful to ride some powder, Luke, Doug, and myself headed out to one of our secret powder stashes hoping to find some freshies.  While I cannot and will not divulge our secret stash I can tell you that the snow is always fantastic and, even days after a storm, you can still find untracked lines if you know where to look.  While the runs are not particularly long (about 700 feet), there is a great variety of lines.  The stash offers everything from well spaced glades, to chutes, to more open and moderate runs.

One of the upper chutes, still looking a little grim
Luke getting ready to ride the lower half of the mountain

Luke and I chose to hike with snowshoes (a necessity due to the twenty plus inches of virgin snow) and ride our snowboards, Doug chose to ski his AT set up and use skins to get up the mountain.  We found conditions at the base to be excellent, but the top third of the mountain was windblown and bare in places.  Despite the lack of snow cover it did not stop us from attempting a run from the top.

Luke stoked on the backcountry
Doug playing in the snow

We attempted to ski one of the glade runs under the assumption that the trees would protect the snow from being blown off.  While we found more snow in the trees than anywhere else on the top of the mountain, the snow cover was thin and, in hindsight, it was an overly ambitious plan that left Luke and I grateful we brought the rock boards, leaving the newer, nicer boards in the car.

Lining up
Tim and Doug decide: left or right?

After one run from top to bottom we chose to stick to running the bottom half of the mountain.  While the lines on the bottom half of the mountain are not as steep or challenging, their snow cover was excellent allowing us to get our fill of freshies.

Luke riding one of the lower chutes

After riding one run from bottom to top and three runs from the middle of the mountain to the bottom we called it a day.  Luke left to kite in Concord, Doug to shop with his wife, and me to work.  It proved to be a great morning of exercise and skiing before we were forced to return to the responsibilities of daily life (well Doug and I did at least).

Doug skiing the ‘road’