Monthly Archive: January, 2011


Skiers on “The Stash’s” summit This Saturday was the first time this season I used my splitboard.  Normally the splitboard is reserved for trips up north, where the snow is deep and the… Continue reading


Mickey Spades and I skinning to the summit of Big Blue I find poaching ski runs extremely satisfying, and the more I do it the more the cliché, ‘the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest’ rings… Continue reading

Guest Author: Why Mickey Spades Will Never Be Bad Ass Redux

Mickey Spades looking “sick” After reading “Why Mickey Spades Will Never Be a Badass,” I assumed that he would never be late for a powder day again.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.… Continue reading

Chasing Days

Me on the backside Winter is always a strange season for me.  When reflecting upon the winter season, the adjective that most readily comes to mind is ‘extreme’ (kind of like your jacket,… Continue reading

Right Place, Right Time

Doug and Mickey skinning up Doug and Mickey farther up the road Mickey Spades has no idea how lucky he is.  No matter how often I try to tell him why he is… Continue reading

No Repeat Button

Luke getting ready to leave Wachusett’s parking lot It is often easy to overlook the adventure in your backyard or miss an opportunity adventure at your favorite destination.  For the past two years Luke has… Continue reading

The Soloist

A beautiful trail for skinning (it is hard to believe that a week ago this was rocks and ice) One of the perks of working in outdoor retail is that you do not… Continue reading


Doug and Mickey applying skins One of my favorite aspects of being an avid outdoors person is getting outside and doing stuff with friends.  While getting outside and skiing, biking, climbing, etc.  with… Continue reading

Back At It

Doug halfway through the first run of the day  Thanks to the recent snowfall I have been able to leave behind the skin and skis at Mount Wachusett, and the hiking up of… Continue reading

Why Mickey Spades will never be bad ass but will always be hilarious

Gearing up A good looking approach Mickey Spades, despite his best efforts, will never be bad ass.  Sorry Mickey, someone needs to tell you and since you don’t listen when I tell you… Continue reading