Wachusett Hike & Ski Kit

The kit for a hike of Mount Wachusett and a ski descent
With what has amounted to a mediocre snow cover so far this season, Luke and I have found ourselves doing a good deal of hiking and skiing.  Our most frequent trip has been to hike up the backside of Mount Wachusett and ski down the ‘resort’ side of the mountain.  This trip provides a nice workout, solitude, and the benefit of the ski descent.  
Me on a recent hike and ski of Mount Wachusett
In order to make the most of my trips to Mount Wachusett I have been staying to run some lift-assisted runs after our hike.  In order to be more efficient, I have been working on not having to return to my car post-ski and hike to change layers or drop my pack.  This provides a challenge because there is a big difference between what you wear to hike and what you wear to ski.  Normally you can get away dressing a little lighter on a normal ski descent because you will be taking only one run and are not exposed to the elements for a long period of time.  However, staying to take multiple lift runs means layering light enough to hike, but warm enough to not freeze on your lift-assisted runs later.  
Luke looking a little tired on a recent ascent of Mount Wachusett
The final challenge has been to not pack so much stuff that I end up riding the lifts with a full backpack.  I have been tinkering with my layering system over the last few weeks, and this a synopsis of what has been working.  The system is light enough that I do not overheat on the way up thanks to vents on the pants and adding or subtracting my midlayer top (in this case the Mountain Hardwear Transition). With the addition of the lightweight insulated pullover, I am able to ski comfortably on the lift for a few hours.  The other positive of this system is that my backpack is nearly empty for my lift runs, consisting of fleece gloves, hot chocolate, and a balaclava (maybe if cold enough, I could be wearing it).  
Trail on the backside of Mount Wachusett

Layers (What I Wear):  
-EMS T1 Top
-EMS Techwick Essential Short Sleeve Shirt
-Mountain Hardwear Transition Hoodie (Lightweight and windproof, perfect for the hike up)
-EMS Deluge Jacket (put on for the descent)
-The North Face Zephyrus Pullover (Put on to keep warm for lift assisted runs)
-EMS T1 Pant
-EMS Ascent Series Helix Pant


-Garmont Syner-G Boots
-Smartwool PHD Ski Socks
The Pack (and its contents):
Camelback Pit Boss (older model)
-EMS Windpro Gloves
-Mountain Hardwear Jalapeno Glove (Put these on for the lift-assisted runs)
-EMS Techwick Balaclava (Put on for lift-assisted runs)  
-Smartwool Basic Cuff Beanie (wear on the hike)
-Smith Variant Brim Helmet 
-Smith IO Goggles
-First Aid Kit 

The Skis:
Icelantic Pilgrim
-Black Diamond O2 Bindings
-1 liter of Hot Chocolate
-1 GU

Everything Else:
Black Diamond Traverse Poles
-Suunto XRHR Watch
The kit