TFMS: Texts From Mickey Spades

I would like to apologize if some find the blog getting a little Mickey Spades heavy, but I find him wildly entertaining.  It is my goal to distill all of my Mickey Spades exposure down and share with you the best parts.  I forget who suggested it, but when sharing a particularly funny Mickey Spades text message someone brought up a popular website Texts From Last Night and an idea was born: Texts From Mickey Spades.  Mickey just purchased an iPhone so I do not know if future texts will be as good as this one, only time will tell.  Enjoy.

Mickey Spades: Well first yard sale today dude i got wicked fucked up i hit a tree so hard it took the skis off me

Me: Where did this happen?  [I am very excited to see where this goes]

Mickey Spades:  Blue hill down the ski lift run

Me:  It was bound to happen.  How did you do it? [Even Mickey knows how to build anticipation in his audience]

Mickey Spades:  Ya true that i def think it was a good thing after it went down i lagit skied better lol but what happened was i went down the trail and there was cones over some rocks when i got up to the cones it drops of alot and got way to much speed made it around them then hit ice it pointed the skis straght down and i got more speee tried to stop then fell then flipped then flew of the trail backwards and my hip smashed a tree nocking the skis off me

Me:  WOW! [pretending I know what the previous paragraph actually said]

Mickey Spades:  Haha ya i mean hey i need to learn to go slower and ski not be a f1 car but its good to take a great fall now i kno rite

Me:  You bet.  Dust yourself off and get back out there. [Egging Mickey on]

Mickey Spades:  Exactly even tho i cant sit cus it hurts like a bitch but it cool lol

Me:  Hahahaha [Mickey is never disappointing]