Take Two

Mount Washington visible in the distance

This past Sunday Doug, Mickey Spades, Matt, and myself headed to New Hampshire in search of getting a workout, and finding some good Spring skiing.  We started our adventure north with two potential objectives in mind and decided we would let the weather make our decision for us.  Option one: if the weather was not looking good we would skin up the Hi Cannon trail of Cannon, ski the groomers to the base, and return to the car via the bike path.  Option two: if the weather was looking good we would head to Mount Tecumseh, skin up the Mount Tecumseh Trail, and descend via the groomers on the Waterville Valley Ski Area side of the mountain and repeat as much as time would allow.

Matt enjoying the view

The summit of Mount Tecumseh is a little over two and half miles uphill from the base of Waterville Valley Ski Area.  In addition to the two and a half miles, there is an additional half mile traverse that brings you from Mount Tecumseh to the ski area.  From the parking lot to the summit of Cannon via the Hi Cannon Trail is also about two and half miles.  In addition to those two and half miles of hiking/skiing, there is an additional three miles of hiking and skiing along the bike path from the base of Cannon Ski Area to the parking lot for Hi Cannon.

Tim enjoying a “blue bird” day

As we drove north we found the sun shining and the temperature rising.  Driving through Plymouth there was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was a little over forty degrees.  As we came up on exit 28 (Waterville’s exit) we pulled off the highway and headed toward Mount Tecumseh.  Our thought process was that if we were going to hike/ski an additional three miles, we might as well hike/ski uphill and get the benefit of an additional run, especially if the conditions were good.

Looking out at Franconia Ridge

The choice to head to Mount Tecumseh proved to be a wise decision, as we found a plentiful amount of snow, great weather, and excellent conditions for both skinning and skiing.  The weather was in fact so excellent that it probably cost us some skiing as we took some extra breaks on the ascent and lounged a little longer than normal at the summit.  In the end, we managed one and a half ascents/descents of Mount Tecumseh for the day (a little over 3,300 feet of elevation gain and loss).

A cool little mid-mountain lift where we sneaked onto the mountain on our second trip

The trip also confirmed for me that Mount Tecumseh is probably my favorite trip in the White Mountains.  It is relatively close to home (Worcester, MA), and therefore easy to do as a day trip.  It is not so long or difficult that you cannot do it multiple times in a day.  Also, it is close to other places so you can combine it with other activities such as climbing at Rumney, doing another hike, or buying a pass to Waterville and staying to ride the lifts for the rest of the day.

Doug and Matt enjoying some solitude at Waterville