In His Own Words, Extreme Mickey Spades

Mickey Spades near the summit of Mount Moosilauke

This winter once I got my skis I had the thought of how cool it would be to skin and ski Mt. Moosilauke. I am not sure why this was something I really wanted to do maybe because I have hiked it many times in the summer with friends and would always think how sick it would be to bring up my mountain bike and rip down the mountain probably breaking my neck. Or that I just wanted to say I did it so I don’t have to listen to Tim and Doug say they have had epic days skiing down Moosilauke now I could be part of the experience. What ever the reason was I had my mind set that this would happen this winter. I had the chance to last week by bugging Tim and Doug to get in the car and finally go hit Moosilauke Doug was asking why I was so pumped about this trip I just replied its just a winter goal trying to hold in the major excitement I had. Tim on the other hand was a bit reluctant to go up with just him and me so Doug going was part of the deal. On Saturday morning we got in the car and off we went ready to go see how mother nature treated us because the night before there was a dumping of fresh snow. This for me made it even more exciting and it probably didn’t help because I was still on a high from what I thought was an awesome ski on the Sherburne trail with Doug the week before. I wasn’t sure if Tim and Doug new how truly excited I was I tried my best to hide it so I could avoid the now Mickey Spades don’t fly down the mountain and kill your self conversation. That’s one of those things once you have heard it all winter it gets old its like my mom telling me to clean my room sadly I probably should start listening to both. But we finally arrived at Moosilauke. We all jumped out of the car to get ready and right when I got out of the car I new this was going to be the day I would talk about for a while. See the car Tim parked in front of had a license plate the read extreme if this didn’t make my day I don’t know what did. So we suited up and got on the trail. Finally after a long skin and ski we got close to the summit we passed a group of skiers that were going to kill the fresh snow that had been dumped but the summit was so much more worth it then just being the first ones to ski down. On the way up I got the normal jokes how many new jackets did you bring up today Mickey. Just so you know the answerer to that it was 4. I always get the joke that you bring all these jackets but you don’t even have a first aid kit. I thought about that the night before so I decided to dig one out and bring it with me. So while hiking to the top I told the guys hey I brought a first aid kit I got the about time talk so I think this was good. But this is wear I learned a lot with out Tim and Doug having to tell me it. While we were skinning to the summit Doug had fallen and cut his knee the ski had cut threw his pants and gave him a good cut I was surprised not ever thinking that a ski could be so sharp. And as we stared to ski down Doug kept popping his binding and received another cut. At that point I think I finally realized that these things actually happen extremely easy and could be much worse then just a cut but the biggest factor that I learned was we are all alone and help is not up the street. I guess I needed to see things happening to actually get that you really need a first aid kit and now I will probably never forget one. But I cant say this had slowed me down at all for the ski down I mean lets be serious yes its great to learn a lesson that will help me in the future but we cant just not talk about my epic ski down. LET ME TELL YOU powder is sick the ski down was by far the best ski day I had all winter I was on my new black diamond drift skis and they killed it. I do have to say I took some chances and really should have slowed it down but come on we were all 21 you know what its like. I feel like I can do anything and I definitely put that to the test. To say the least it was the best experience I had all winter skiing. It was also good that I had learnt that I need to bring more then just a jacket and that a first aid kit wont way me down that much. All in all I am very happy that I get to shear these experiences with my friends because even though I get a lot of crap from them I am learning and doing things that a typical college kid dose not get to do. So is it worth all the jokes and all the harassment I take as crazy as it sounds I would never pass it up.
 Extreme Mickey Spades.