Last Chance

With two days left before heading south, I felt the pressure building to sneak in one more ski day before our departure.  With my local haunts out of condition for the season, I was left with only one option: head north.  With memories of the deep snow pack I encountered on Mount Moosilauke two weeks prior, I pointed the car north toward the mountain, hoping to relive my previous experience.

Mickey Spades joined me on the adventure, and while we did not experience the epic conditions we had previously, we did find an abundance of soft spring snow on the upper half of the mountain and were able to enjoy the mountain’s summit without feeling as if we were going to be blown off.  Sadly, the lower half of the mountain had largely melted out, forcing us to remove skis and hike a large amount of what we had skied a mere two weeks ago.  Overall, the day was a success and I am now looking forward to letting some season long blisters heal, and to giving my shins a break from the constant boot bang they have endured all season.  
Moosilauke’s summit (the white peak between the two prominent peaks)
Melted out conditions on the lower mountain
The snow started getting real good where the Snapper Trail meets the Carriage Road
Mickey Spades skinning up
Mickey Spades
Me with Moosilauke’s summit in the background
Looking back at the South Summit
Summit sign