Red River Gorge

Roadside Crag
Ashley cruising up Redeye Brew
Tim enjoying jugs on Beta Spewer
Ashley on C Sharp or B Flat
Eric Marshall on the low crux Apoplectic Chick from Missouri
Tim on Edge or Sketch
Super Parker demonstrating how to dry a rope bag
Tim enjoying pockets and jugs on Ledger Line
Faye looking good on Pee-Wee
Hiking under a waterfall on the approach to Roadside Crag
Eric Marshall on Redeye Brew
Ashley loving the plates on Miranda Rayne
Tim high stepping up Bulldozer
Tim nearing the top of Apoplectic Chick from Missouri
Ashley pinching on Dynabolt Gold
Tim pulling the roof on Bitter Ray of Sunshine
Ashley nearing the chains on CH4
Tim clipping the anchors on