The Crash Pad Rally

Recently, I went to Lincoln Woods with Tim, Ashley, and Mickey Spades.  Although we went to boulder, by the time we finished taking the “scenic route” to the first problem, it was obvious that Mickey Spades had other things on his mind.  And so, it was no surprise that while Tim, Ashley, and I took turns getting spit off the unnamed, but difficult, overhanging crack, Mickey Spades was exploring the nearby terrain in search of something more EXTREME.

While the climbers continued to struggle, the Spadebug finally found his project and started to size it up.  Initially, Spades was reluctant, hesitant to commit because of the possibility of injury to his pretty face.  However, some friendly cajoling persuaded him to make an attempt, which, much to our later delight, we captured on video.

Obviously stoked from his EXTREME de-“send”, Spadebug spent the rest of the afternoon talking trash, not shutting up until Ashley challenged him to a Crash Pad Rally.  In an adrenaline fueled haze, the two daredevil racers charged up the rally course, ready to tango.  Of course, once seated atop the race boulder, they had second thoughts and it wasn’t until Tim demonstrated that the course was “safe” that they finally committed.

All in all, the first annual Crash Pad Rally was an outstanding conclusion to a fun day of bouldering.  Most importantly, nobody got hurt, everybody had a good laugh, and Mickey Spades escaped with his face unscathed, but his ego slightly tarnished.