The Nose

Deciding to take advantage of the warm weather this week, I headed up to Pawtuckaway to do some bouldering.  In addition to bouldering, I was extremely motivated to visit Pawtuckaway so I could eat at Pizza By George on my way home.  If you have never stopped there on your way to or from Pawtuckaway, I would certainly recommend it.  I have yet to meet anyone who has not been wowed by the food there, plus they serve beer and have televisions.  They also have amazing peanut butter whoopie pies (I never have room for one, but I know a few people who always seem to find a way to clear some stomach space).   
While the lack of winter weather has been disappointing on the skiing front, it has certainly provided an extended climbing season (you will notice in the video below that Faye and I are both wearing short sleeves, yet the date of filming was November 30th).  Eric Marshall was out of climbing commission at the time, but he was nice enough to collect and edit some footage following his guidelines to make your own climbing video.  Enjoy!