Shoe Problem

Imelda…my inspiration
I have a serious shoe problem, there I said it.  They say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, and I could sure use some healing.  I love shoes!  I love shoes so much that for a two-year period at work I wrote a report about shoes every week, even though after the first six months they told me I could stop.  Strange as it may sound, that report had somewhat been this blog’s inspiration.. I loved writing about something I was passionate about, and loved trying to write about something as mundane as footwear.  Even crazier than my passion for the weekly footwear report is that I don’t think I have truly devoted a blog to shoes (I lied…there was one about getting climbing shoes resoled).  However, I have yet to dedicate a blog to my passion for footwear.

My passion for footwear is immediately demonstrated to all visitors to our house.  The mud room/entrance hall is lined with shoes. All types of shoes: everything from ski boots to flip flops are represented.  Most visitors’ first comment is “Jeez, Ashley has a lot of shoes.” Then I am forced to admit that the majority of them are mine (to give you some context I am currently rotating through ten pairs of flip flops, seven pairs of climbing shoes, and  three pairs of ski boots).  That is when the weird looks start, not totally unwarranted.  I can not pass up a good deal, especially on shoes.  So not only do I often posses a pair of shoes for everything, but in most cases I also have a back up pair of footwear.  (In many cases have a backup for the back up.)

A boy can dream

In a weird sort of subset of obsession is a compulsion with La Sportiva footwear.  My relationship with La Sportiva began a few years ago when a recently relocated friend called me telling me about how he bought a pair of Katanas and immediately added a grade to his climbing.  Following that conversation, I quickly ditched my current climbing shoes in favor of a brand new pair of La Sportiva Katanas.  Sadly the Katanas did not add a grade to my climbing, but they did teach me two valuable lessons.  Lesson one: good climbing shoes do not make up for lack of talent.  Lesson two: La Sportiva shoes fit my foot incredibly well.    

Over the years I have added numerous La Sportiva shoe models to my climbing shoe collection.  Even venturing into a few pairs of La Sportiva mountain boots.  I was beginning to think I had a handle on my shoe obsession until a recent serendipitous occasion.  As I have written about previously, I have begun to enjoy running.  In addition to finding pleasure in the act of running, we recently had a pair of La Sportiva Electrons returned to my store in my size (a perfect storm as you can see).  Before you know it the Electrons were bought and coming home with me, despite having to explain the addition of another pair of shoes to Ashley.  
Where it all started
I bought the Electrons in spite of having no apparent need for them (not that this has ever stopped me before), having a couple pairs of more than suitable trail runners already in the “shoe room.”  The thing with obsessive behavior though, is that it did not stop there.  Speaking with a fellow employee, he informed me that La Sportiva was running an employee deal on their Wildcat trail runners.  Upon hearing this, a pair of Wildcats were ordered and on their way.  Currently La Sportiva is running a deal on their C-Lite 2.0 and I am resisting with all of the, albeit minimal, willpower I posses.  

The thing is, I realize that the lust for new shoes is slightly crazy (okay, very crazy)…but if buying new shoes keeps the psyche up and the desire to run burning, I do not think that is a bad thing.  The worst case scenario is I have a lot of shoes to wear out.  Hopefully I am able to lay down some miles and wear a pair or two out before a I am in need of a new pair of inspirational shoes or La Sportiva has another deal too good to pass up.

Some athletes are sponsored, I need a sponsor