Going Native

Sharp looking shades, and functional  

Being in the outdoor industry, my phone rings a lot with questions about gear from friends.  Being in the business helps to put a person in the know; not only do I have access to vendor reps, but I also work among a group of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts.  Furthermore, I have a customer base coming in and out of my store on a daily basis offering feedback on the products we sell, and often times the products we do not sell. The benefit of being at this confluence is that not only do you get insight into the finer workings of the product, but you truly find out which gear works, in which conditions the gear works best, and which gear the serious outdoors people are choosing to use.

A few years ago, a friend of mine called from the EMS Hyannis location inquiring what the preferred sunglasses were for cycling.  He went on to further say he was hoping to use them for both road and mountain rides, and wanted them to be stylish enough to wear around town without feeling dorky.  I mentioned to him that a cycling partner and I were both currently using Native Dash XPs and really liking them.  The lenses offered plenty of protection from debris being kicked up by bike tires, offered multiple lenses for different light conditions, and, despite a techie look, were suitably stylish for everyday wear.

Needless to say, that friend left the Hyannis store with a pair of Native Dash XPs that day.  Not only did he buy the glasses, but he loved them (not to brag, but I am rarely wrong about these things) and the glasses got heavy use for a few years, enduring the hardships of trail grime, road dust, and the perils of everyday use until one of the rubber pieces that hold the glasses on the nose gave way.

My phone rang again, this time the question was if I knew when Natives would be going on sale or if I had any coupons.  My friend then went on to explain he was looking to replace his Dash XPs due to their disintegrating nose piece.  I told him that Natives would be on sale in a couple of weeks, but that he should also look into sending the glasses back to Native.  I went on to tell him that Native has the best warranty in the industry and all he needed to due was fill out an on-line claim form and mail his glasses back to Native with a copy of the original receipt.

A little more than a week later, I received another phone call letting me know that my friend had been issued a new pair of sunglasses from Native and could not be more psyched.  He remarked on not only how easy the process had been (he thought it would be a hassle and take forever) but how quickly his warranty was processed and how quickly he received his new sunglasses.  My friend has become a huge advocate for Native, and mentions not only how nice the glasses are to me every time he sees me, but also how easy the company was to work with.  He is a great example of how treating someone right and standing behind your product makes for great advocates and great word of mouth marketing.