Last week, in celebration of Rocktober, Mickey Spades and I decided to take a trip up to Pawtuckaway State Park in New Hampshire for some fall bouldering.  Neither of us went up there with any projects or aspirations other to hop on a bunch of classic problems and enjoy some climbing before the weather gets cold and our attention gets focused on skiing.

Having recently gained access to a Contour camera, and in preparation for another project, I dragged it out and recorded some of the day’s climbing.  I believe the camera was set on the lowest quality recording and some of the images came out a little grainy.  Overall though I am happy with the images and have compiled a first try at a video out of the footage from the day.  If nothing else, I captured Mickey Spades absolutely nail a “Southern Spot” in the last climbing clip.  Mickey is so confident in my sending prowess that he ignores my climbing, focusing his attention on his phone (probably staring at it hoping naked pictures appear).  When I get through the crux, Mickey kicks a pad over and, instead of spotting me, adjusts the camera to make sure my moment is captured on film.  As always…keep up the great work Mickey Spades.

Apparently I am clever enough to film and edit a video but not smart enough to find a way to link it through a thumbnail.  If you are interested I posted a link below.