Five Things to Get Your Bro

**Editor’s note: After giving this post a quick read-through, I decided it would be more hilarious to leave it alone. The author was perhaps a little drunk when writing, and I feel as though it helped him channel his inner bro and truly capture the essence of bro-ness. Enjoy!**

Almost everyone has an “Bro” in their family and even though you manged to duck your bro most of the year, there is no ducking him during the holidays.  If being forced to see your bro is not bad enough, you are expected to have a present for your bro.  But what do you get a bro?  Without a list Bro’s can be pretty hard people to shop for and to expect a list from a Bro is assuming that they can extricate themselves from the mall, their other bro’s, or are even capable of stringing a few ideas onto paper.  With that being said here are a few gift ideas for your bro.

1.  The Dakine Rail Belt is a must have for a bro.  The Dakine rail belt is both stylish and functional.  First off it comes in Rasta color and we all know that bros loved Rasta.  On top of  the belt being stylish, it is functional, in addition to keeping your pants up the Dakine Rail Belt comes with a bottle opener hidden on the back side of the buckle.  As long as you have your belt on, you are  the MacGyver of any barbecue or house party.  Furthermore, you are essentially opening beers with your junk.  Sick!

2.  A beanie hat is a staple of the bros wardrobe and a bro can never have enough beanie hats.  We all know that you can lose up to 75% of your body heat through your head, and for a bro heat retention can be real important.  When you are constantly wearing clothes that help the world notice your sweet ripped body, you are not dressing for function, you are dressing for attention.  No need to hide your guns inside that big bulky sweet shirt, you can go for the tank top and let the hat do some work.

3.  Every bro needs a GoPro.  Bro’s already know how bad ass they are but how is the world going to know if the bro can not show them.  GoPro solves this problem by letting the bro make rad videos of himself getting extreme then publish them all over Facebook, Twitter, or some other venue I have not even heard of yet.

4.  Reef Stash flip flops are  a must have for any self respecting bro.  First and fore most nothing tells the world what a laid back, easy going bro you are more than wearing flip flops.  Bonus, these flip flops have a secret compartment.  Now the marketing department wants you to believe that you can hide your licence or a spare key in there but bro we both know what that compartment is for.  You can hide your weed in there!  Pair the Reef Stash flip flops with the Dakine Rail Belt and you are officially the life of the party.

5.  PBR.  That is right Pabst Blue Ribbon is the ultimate gift for a bro.  First off bros love drinking and drinking PBR says to the world I am cool, like to have a good time, don’t take myself to seriously  and am probably going to drink thirty of these.  The real benefit to buying a bro beer is maybe he will decide to share it with you, making the entire holiday experience less painful. 

 There you guy, five great gifts for a bro.