Better late than never

It was made clear to me the other day that it has been a very long time since my last blog post and in that time I have been consumed with ski season.  I have racked up more days on skis this year faster and easier than any season in remembrance.  My most recent count has me at 75 days on skis so far this season, and the days are piling up fast with a bunch of late-season snow and warm temperatures.

This winter, I tried to focus more on being in the moment and less on recreating the moment.  That being said, the camera has been dragged along on more than a few trips so far this season; here are some photos from this season’s exploits so far:

Stopping for a drink on top of a glade on Mount Hale

Spades picking his line at Mount Hale

Ashley, Doug, and Mark near the top of Duke’s Trail on Mount Cardigan

Tim and Spades getting ready for the descent at The Stash

Tim, Doug, and Spades battling a wintry mix at The Stash

Ashley heading toward the summit of The Stash

Jared getting ready to ski off Mousilaukee’s summit

Faye getting ready for the long climb up Mount Moosilaukee

Everyone together (for a moment) on a spring-like day at Mount Moosilaukee