The Question


Mickey Spades at the top of Duke’s Ski Trail

Last Thursday, Mickey Spades and I were posed a question:  Should we or shouldn’t we head up north to ski?  With a storm looming and reports indicating anywhere from two inches to two feet of snow, it was a hard decision to make.  Further complicating the matter was that the area we were planning on leaving was predicted to receive the most snow.

The night prior to our departure, we decided heading up north was worth a shot, especially with ski season’s end quickly approaching; that, and we were both still feeling really good about the skiing we experienced on Mount Hale the previous Sunday.  The morning was marked by some light snowfall and a little accumulation–just enough snow to have us wondering if we made the right decision in heading north.  After one more phone call and a little discussion over pros and cons we decided to stick with plan of heading north.  Our destination was Mount Cardigan, a place I visited the first time a few weeks before with some other friends.

Our decision could not have been better.  We encountered very little bad weather or difficult driving on our way north and, on arrival at Mount Cardigan, we quickly observed the mountain had received a couple inches of fresh snow over night.  As an added bonus, the parking lot was empty meaning Mickey Spades and I would have the fresh all to ourselves.  We managed to sample both classic Mount Cardigan ski runs–Duke’s Ski Trail and the Alexandria Ski Trail–without ever encountering another person.  Furthermore, we managed to finish up and get on the road before the storm hit full force.

My only regret for the day was that I hadn’t saved more energy for the foot of snow I woke up to on Friday.