Skiing the Cog


Mount Washington from the parking lot

Two weekends ago, Doug, Mickey Spades, and I planned on skiing the Cog Railway on Mount Washington.  With reports of unsettled and unpredictable weather on Mount Washington, we decided at the last minute to change course and check out the more protected skiing on Mount Hale instead.  In hindsight, opting for Hale over Washington was a great decision and lead to one of the finest days of skiing I have had all season.

With the forecast calling for good weather this past weekend, a trip to the Cog Railway seemed like a logical destination.  Greeted by mid-forty-degree temperatures at the Cog Railway parking lot, the normal rush to get geared up and on the trail was replaced by a more subdued (as subdued as you can be with Doug in the equation) pace, as all three of us were happy to bask in the sun for a few moments.

I thought we lucked out with the weather last year on our trip up the Cog, but this year was one for the record books.  The temperature hovered in the forties all day without a breath of wind.  I don’t know if I can recall ever experiencing such a mild day on Mount Washington.  Furthermore, the summit snowfields were full of snow that had softened in the sun, allowing the three of us to make some excellent quality turns off of the true summit.  When driving to New Hampshire from Massachusetts, it can be somewhat of a guessing game as to what objective will have the best conditions and I am awfully grateful to have gotten so lucky two weekends in a row.