Out Like a Lion

Looking down the upper chute

Looking down the upper chute

“Winter’s over boys, time to start thinking about spring!”

-Luke March 7, 2013

By the middle of March, I was being warned of the end of ski season, told to unpack my climbing gear and bicycle, embrace that Spring has sprung, and let go of the delusion of an endless winter.  Naturally I pushed back, believing that the best skiing was yet to come.  Visions of skiing in a light jacket–or better yet, no jacket–in snow softened by the sun ran through my mind.  Comfortable lift rides, the absence of all but the core skier, and a goggle tan would be the hallmark of my spring.

Little did I know how right and wrong I could be.  Ski season has proven to be far from over with a new storm happening every week.  I am coming off of perhaps my best week of skiing ever, having skied fresh powder almost daily.  With the arrival of so much snow I have been able to ski many lines that I often dare not attempt in all but the best conditions.  We have even discovered a few new lines at The Stash.  The air has remained cold, preserving the snow and keeping the wintry vibe in the air.

I understand that most of the world is ready to put winter behind them and move onto spring, but I could use a few more weeks of winter.  If things continue like they have been I may be in luck.  In hindsight, it looks as if I was right about ski season hanging around for a few more weeks…but wrong about getting to enjoy spring conditions.  It still feels a lot like winter outside to me.

Sorry Luke, but it looks like you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for spring.  Attached is a video made at The Stash last week.