Monthly Archive: April, 2013

A New Season

While it is always disappointing leaving ski season behind, this year I have really found myself stoked to climb.  The last two climbing seasons have been somewhat compromised by my involvement with the Eastern Mountain Sports Outdoor… Continue reading


Even though this ski season has far exceeded my expectations this year, I am still sad to see it leave.  While it is exciting to begin thinking about climbing, running, and biking, it… Continue reading


One of the great things about backcountry skiing is the unpredictability of it.  For me, this unpredictability is enhanced by living a minimum two-hour drive south of many of the northeast’s backcountry ski spots.  Living so… Continue reading


New Hampshire’s Mount Cardigan is quickly becoming a backcountry staple for me, thanks in part to its easy access, relative close proximity to home, and mellow ski trails.  Throw in a warm cabin (and clean indoor bathroom)… Continue reading