Once Upon a Vacation

Run | Climb | Ride

As you know by now, Tim and I went on our annual fall climbing trip to the south three weeks ago. I thought that waiting to write about my vacation would make it easier for two reasons:

  1. I assumed that if I waited a little while, working on this post wouldn’t make me sad and want to quit life and just be a climbing bum
  2. I hoped that giving myself some extra time to reflect on the trip would result in me realizing that I had learned something valuable while I was away and would have something worth writing about

I was wrong on both counts. (And ended up waiting so long that this is hardly even relevant anymore. Ugh.)

I’m not saying I hate my normal life…I guess in the grand scheme of things, I have a pretty good thing going on here. But I’m a much better/happier/nicer person…

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