Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Dawn Patrol

“Live to ski” is a quote attributed to deceased Jackson Hole ski mountaineer and backcountry advocate Steve Romeo. While I love skiing, and probably prioritize it more in my life than I should, I am… Continue reading


Reflecting on the ski season so far, my first impression would be to label it mediocre. I was recently surprised when I totaled up my ski days for the season and discovered I… Continue reading

Everybody’s Working For the Weekend

The ski weekend is a rite of passage for every skier. At some point in your skiing life, you graduate from going to the (likely small) local hill to going to a bigger destination… Continue reading

Balancing Act

Perhaps getting older has softened me? I recently survived another birthday and my priorities of late have seemed to shift. In the past, I mostly concerned myself with getting up north and doing things… Continue reading

Mountain Living

I’ve always wanted to live in a mountain town. Years ago, when searching for a new career, I was drawn to outdoor retail because it provided access to cool people, neat stuff, and… Continue reading