Gifts for the Apres Skier

imagesSki culture is great for a lot of different reasons; there’s the schussing down the slopes, the camaraderie gained collectively shivering in line and on the lift, and the fact that you’re one of the few excited by the sight of snow rather than bemoaning it. Perhaps the greatest gift given to us by ski culture is après ski. Don’t know what to get that skier on your list who seems to have everything? Does their après game need to be as good as their game on the mountain? Help that person go from après zero to après hero with these great gift ideas.

$T2eC16F,!wsE9suw)y6CBSN0C-0mkg~~60_35The Hydro Flask 40 oz. Wide Mouth Water Bottle comfortably holds two PBR pounders with room to spare. The ski-tourer on your list will appreciate that this bottle keeps its contents cold up to 24 hours and warm up to 12 hours. That means after a hard day earning their turns, the skier on your list should find their beverage of choice at the temperature they left it in the morning. The wide opening makes it easy to fill and easy to clean…and “easy” is a word that every ski bum likes to hear.

imagesLift rides are long, often bitterly cold affairs and, as if that isn’t bad enough, they are also frequently spent in the company of strangers. When that lone single hops in with the skier on your list’s group, they can break the ice by producing the Stanley Classic Flask you got them for the holidays. Thanks to its slim profile, it can be discreetly tucked into a ski jacket, and its timeless style and rustproof finish mean it will last a few seasons. There will be no singles lines for the skier on your list, because nothing makes friends on the mountain like a flask.

leatherman-brewzer-multi-tool-11539-pNothing is more disappointing than getting back to the car, grabbing that microbrew you’ve been salivating over for the last hour and realizing that you don’t have an opener. Don’t let the skier on your list be that guy trying to open his beer with his seatbelt, or even worse his teeth. Keep your skier prepared with the Leatherman Brewzer. It’s compact, versatile, and, most important, it has an opener.

351A4809_1Who cares if the skier on your list is drinking some cheap swill they picked up at the gas station on the way to the mountain? No one has to know that the skier on your list has terrible taste in après beverages if you get them this stainless steel pint glass. The sleek Innate Saison Beer Sleeve adds a touch of class to any après beverage.

glacier_stainless_stemless_wine_glass_-_tippedRed Solo cups were fine for the skier on your list when they were struggling through that fifth year of college, but they are grown up now…at least sort of. Help the skier on your list go from après joe to après pro with these GSI Stainless Stemless Wine Glasses. Sure, wine snobs might frown that it isn’t the right shape to release the wine’s full flavor, but the skier on your list doesn’t care about those types of things. The skier on your list believes wine taste better after a hard day on the slopes, and anything is an improvement over red Solo cups.

So there you go—a few ideas to turn your après attendee into an après all-star. And what better present is there than that?