Couch Surfing

Missing my daily dose of early morning corduroy

Missing my daily dose of early morning corduroy

The morning I broke my collarbone, the ER doctor told me to plan on being uncomfortable for awhile. He wasn’t kidding. Three weeks into my recovery, I am still pretty much couch bound and am (barely) surviving the longest period of inactivity that I can remember. I’m trying to remain positive about my situation and each day that passes is another step closer to resuming my normal, active life. In the meantime, I am mastering the most American sport there is: couch surfing.

After a winter of routinely waking up before sunrise in order to ski before work, I have now embraced sleeping in (for frame of reference, sleeping past 7am feels like an indulgence). It’s hard to say if it’s because there isn’t really a great reason to rush out of bed or that having a broken clavicle makes sleeping a little bit of an adventure (unless you sleep Dracula-style, on your back with your hands folded on your chest anyway…which I do not). Either way, waking up unrushed and with the sun has been a pleasant change of pace.

While I have embraced grabbing some extra sleep during the week, I have nearly mastered the lazy Saturday/Sunday. Once I get over the initial disappointment of watching my girlfriend head out in the morning for a yoga class, a run, or to the mountain, I get over it with a big breakfast and binge watching a show on Netflix or catching up on all the movies I have missed over the last five years. In the past, any movie over 90 minutes was intimidating; nowadays, the longer the better.

Without burning through the majority of my free time by driving to/from the mountain, skiing and organizing, drying, packing, and unpacking ski gear, I’ve also had plenty of time to catch up on the stack of magazines and books that piled up on the coffee table over the winter. I have so efficiently worked through my pile, that I justified a pretty substantial Amazon order to keep me busy (and supplemented that order with a few trips to Barnes & Noble). Even better, ordering books on Amazon and browsing Barnes & Noble are perfect afternoon-killing activities.

Social media has been a little bit of a Jekyll-and-Hide proposition for me. When you’re essentially couch bound, being able to watch the world from the safe, comfortable confines of your living room is a pretty cool luxury. However, when you are couch bound and reaching for the remote is uncomfortable enough that you find yourself gritting your teeth, hearing about all the awesome shit your friends are doing kind of sucks. A couple of my particularly active friends have come dangerously close to getting hidden due to their massive amount of pow pics, fresh tracks, and overall rad springs they’re having. I’ve joked in the past that one of the things that keeps me driven to get out as much as I do is a healthy fear of missing out on something…now, social media helps keep me informed of what exactly I am missing out on.

Perhaps the best part about the recovery is that it has allowed me to re-energize my psych. Sometimes over the course of a season, I feel like I’m just grinding out activities and lose some of the enjoyment from them. Having a forced break has gotten me excited about running and biking this spring, and has given me an abundance of free time to think about a cool trip to take once I’m healthy again. After all, as much as I like couch surfing, I’ll have some time to make up for.