Clip a Dee Doo Dah


All smiles at the top of Clip A Dee Doo Dah

Over the years, I have climbed the route Clip a Dee Doo Dah at Rumney more times than I can even remember. I have witnessed the route completed in numerous styles, such as barefoot solo, no-handed, simul-climbed, and even had a friend who would time himself on car-to-car attempts. When climbing at a place like Rumney, it’s easy to want to chase grades, attempt projects, and tick off unclimbed routes. Overlooking a simple bolted two-pitch 5.4 fairly high up the mountain is easy. I am as guilty of this behavior as anyone. I often see Clip a Dee Doo Dah as a waste of time—with its multi-pitch climbing, anchor building, and time-consuming walk off—rather than the fun romp up the rock it is. I tend to consider it a distraction from the “real climbing.” But last weekend I got the itch to climb it. Blessed with perfect fall weather, cool in the shade and warm in the sun, and with the foliage beginning to turn, we headed up to Clip a Dee Doo Dah. It should come as no surprise that it was fun. Sometimes I need a little reminder that climbing isn’t always just about chasing grades, sending projects, or progressing. Climbing is also about being outside, being with friends, and having fun.