The Moment of Regret


“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” ― Henry David Thoreau

I thought I was so cool, a regular Jimmy Chin, as I climbed up the second pitch of Lady and the Tramp at Rumney’s Jimmy Cliff. We decided to climb the super moderate (okay, super easy) Lady and the Tramp both for fun and for the opportunity to shoot some photos. It’s easy to feel like a bad-ass on the far left side of Jimmy Cliff, as the easy climbing is incredibly confidence inspiring, and the large amount of new climbers in the area make even someone with moderate climbing skills feel like Conrad Anker. Taking advantage of the amazing foliage as a background, I was excited to get some quintessential fall climbing photos of Doug and Mickey Spades climbing the route behind us. Getting to a comfortable spot, with a great view, I dug out my camera, took the lens cap off, and proceeded to drop it. I was shocked by how quickly the one-ounce piece of plastic accelerated, but not so stunned that I didn’t get a photo of Doug and Mickey watching my lens cap take the two-hundred foot ride to the bottom of the cliff. Either by luck or the kindness of a stranger, when I returned to the bottom of the cliff I found the lens cap comfortably resting on a rock at the cliff’s base.