August Wrap Up

“Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested.” ―Hunter S. Thompson


This summer has seemingly slipped away much too quickly. Following my marriage and honeymoon earlier this June, much of the summer has been spent in front of my computer keeping up with, catching up on, and finding more work. I know, boring, and Hunter certainly wouldn’t approve of any of it. Well, other than the Wild Turkey on the rocks I am consuming as I type this. On a positive note, this August may have been my most productive writing month since I started freelancing. In fact, I have written enough this past August that, for the first time, it seemed reasonable to collect all of it one place. So here is my first-ever “links blog.”

Honeymoons are expensive, even if your family generously cut you a check to cover the majority of the costs. Here is my attempt to monetize the amazing week Ashley and I spent on our Honeymoon in Acadia this past June.

Henderson Ridge on Mount Washington might be one of my favorite trips to take on Mount Washington; on this particular trip, I learned that climbers are lazy, a few tricks, and something about myself.

Sure, I love running around the mountains as much as anyone, but even I need to take a break. What better way to spend a rest day than to watch other people do things? Even better, goEast asked me to write a review of what I watched. Read it here.

Adventuring in the mountains when you live in southern New Hampshire involves strength, stamina, know-how, and a lot of time in the car. In this post, I literally detail the drive I have to get outdoors.

Have I mentioned Acadia is expensive? It is! Especially when your new wife loves craft beer and the most expensive food on the menu. Here’s my second attempt at getting some of that money back with a piece about climbing at Acadia’s Otter Cliffs.

Living the outdoor lifestyle isn’t easy. It involves scrimping on the things that seem important to normal people while spending excessive amounts of money on what should be considered non-essentials. Here I detail how I wear rags most days, but will casually spend $500 on a top-of-the-line ski shell.

Do I feel weird about writing and monetizing my honeymoon in Acadia? Hell no! Here is a piece goEast published about Lassen National Park. (What the piece doesn’t mention is that I proposed there.)

Finally, I feel like this piece sums up my August. Too much work, too many commitments, and not enough time for fun. Hopefully, September turns into “Send-tember” and I am busy climbing, living the dream, and ticking things off my bucket list.