October Wrap Up


“When he worked, he really worked. But when he played, he really PLAYED.”
― Dr. Seuss

While I would love to brag about how I crushed Rocktober this year, took amazing trips, and sent my long-standing projects, the truth is that I spent much of my October in front of the computer. Between getting increasingly busy with work and buying a house, the majority of my activity over the past month has occurred at the gym before the sun rises. Ironically, this month coincided with one of my most-published months, fulfilling what my manager for my first writing job at Eastern Mountain Sports told me the day I started: “the more you write about the outdoors, it seems the less time you have for the outdoors.” At least for all the time I spent writing in October I have something to show for it. Below is what I published in October, just in cased you missed it.

Climbing Henderson Ridge on Mount Washington is one of my favorite trips. A long hike into Huntington Ravine, mixed with easy climbing, and an outstanding location makes this a fun day, usually far removed from the crowds. I hope I didn’t ruin it by publishing this article on Henderson Ridge for goEast.

When I first started at EMS, I had dreams of working at the company’s climbing school in North Conway, New Hampshire. While I may never have gotten that dream job, for the second consecutive month I worked with the EMS Climbing School on an article. Give the article a click and perhaps you’ll discover what I already knowthat I am a much better writer than a climber.

If I had a superpower, it would be to turn the most mundane tasks into a competition. I am still learning to slow down, have fun, and not turn a walk to the mailbox into an unofficial 100-yard dash. Click here for a deep dive into my shallow subconscious.

If someone told the college version of me that he could get paid to read books, there is no way he would’ve believed it. But it’s true! For the second consecutive month, goEast published one of my book reviews. Give it a click and help me continue to get paid for sitting on the couch in my underpants.

Mountain biking was the first outdoor sport I connected with. These days, the mountain bike has been replaced by a carbon road bike, but I still love life on two wheels. In October, goEast shared a piece I wrote on a few of my favorite fall bike rides in the Northeast. Give it a click to see pictures of me in spandex!

In spite of October being incredibly hectic, I did manage to carve a few days out to explore a couple of National Parks while visiting the Southwest. Keep an eye out for a new post about my few days in the desert coming soon.