Catching Up—Winter Wrap Up


“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” – John Lennon

The last thing I posted here was a collection of photos taken on a whirlwind trip through Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in November. Since then, I have bought a house, moved into the aforementioned house, survived the holidays, been through a big chunk of the ski season, been slammed with work, and, in general, too busy to post. With that in mind, here’s what I’ve been up to (or at least what I’ve been getting published) over the last few months.


I have worked for Eastern Mountain Sports in one way or another for over a decade. In those 10+ years, some of my favorite times were those spent on the Demo Tour (with the exception of a few moments, like blowing up the EMS pickup truck’s motor). Click here to learn more about my adventures on the road in this piece published by goEast.

I love a lot of things: skiing, climbing, writing about skiing and climbing…oh, and my wife. Click here to learn how I charmed her like a southern gentleman (climbing bum) on our first Valentine’s Day together in this goEast piece.

Everyone thinks playing in the mountains is all fun and games. Well, it is! However, what type of fun you’re having is all a matter of perspective. Click here to read about my good time on Mount Shasta in another piece published by goEast.


Throughout my years working in Eastern Mountain Sports stores, whenever someone would come in and ask if they needed an ice axe for their trip my standard response would be, “Do you know how to use it? If you don’t don’t, you’re more likely to hurt yourself with it than help yourself with it.” Now, thanks to this article published by goEast, you can avoid dealing with condescending salespeople like me and get the tool you need.

I like to think I am a pretty fun person. Because of this, it came as no surprise to me that goEast asked me to write an article on the three types of fun. Not to ruin the article, but only one of the three is actually fun. Find out which here.

When writing this article with Mike, his main complaint with the piece was his belief that I was overselling his skiing ability and concern that he was going to hear about it from his fellow guides (by the way, Mike is an awesome skier). I told him he was just being sensitive and assured him no one would say anything. Roughly one minute after goEast published this piece, Mike got the first comment about his skiing ability—the lesson here is that you should never listen to me.


A few years ago, Eastern Mountain Sports had a great deal with Loon Mountain. Naturally, I took advantage of that deal and skied there a lot. Fast forward a few years, and I am now considering those ski days as research. Click here to read the “research” paper I wrote for goEast on Loon Mountain.

When I first started getting interested in the outdoors, one of my first and favorite trips was hiking Mount Moosilauke. I never would have imagined all these years later I would be skiing the mountain I could once barely walk up. Get the beta for skiing Mount Moosialuke in this goEast article.

Whether I have been off to bigger and better things, or I just haven’t made it back there, skiing Mount Cardigan is a fantastic backcountry ski location. I think this article came out better than my last trip to Cardigan where, thanks to some miscommunication, my ski partner showed up without boots. Read it here, and you be the judge.

It’s strange to think that I wrote this article about getting your ski setup prepared for winter a few weeks before it had snowed and while getting ready to for a trip to the desert. Perhaps I should start writing the preparing your skis for summer article now.


In 2014, I bought what I would consider my first practical car: a Subaru Impreza wagon. With a four-cylinder motor, a five-speed transmission, and almost no options, it was just about the cheapest new Subaru you could buy. I loved that car, and even though I treated it like shit, it just kept running. Click here to read my love letter to Subaru on goEast.

The Goal Zero Venture 30 has been the gift that keeps on giving. A few years ago, Ashley won ours in a contest held by one of our favorite websites. Since then it has been incredibly handy, and I got to write an article about it. Find out more about my experience with the Venture 30 here.

Keep in Touch

I promise to be a little more consistent writing here from now on. I’ve had a great winter with lots of time spent in the mountains and lots of stories to share. I also have a few exciting things on the horizon, so stay tuned!