Spring Wrap Up


“Grown up, and that is a terribly hard thing to do. It is much easier to skip it and go from one childhood to another.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald 

It feels like at the end of every month I face the fact that I once again spent more time in front of my computer than I did outside, leaving me to wonder if the beliefs I held when I started this venture—that I’d make greater inroads into the outdoor industry and free up more time to spend outside—will ever come to fruition. I am grateful, however, for every moment I spend clicking away on my computer instead of a cash register, and would much rather deal with a short deadline than a last-minute floor move. (Although I do still work a few retail shifts per month to keep that lesson fresh and I’ve realized retail isn’t so bad when you’re not the boss.) And now, without further adieu, here’s a collection of the things I published throughout March in lieu of spending all my free time outdoors…

After publishing this article about skiing the Cog Railway on Mount Washington, a friend pointed out to me that I had essentially written about trespassing (so punk!). Yep, the Cog is technically private property—so if breaking the law, summiting one of New England’s more iconic mountains, and skiing one of the White Mountains’ best ski runs is of interest to you, check it out!

Clicking on goEast one morning in March, I was shocked to see that they had published my article on camping in your car, or, more eloquently, The Simple Beauty of the Car Bivy. Why was I shocked, you ask? Because I had written and submitted the article way back in June, on the heels of a trip to the Pacific Northwest. Do you know what the only thing more satisfying than discovering a forgotten article has been published? Winning an argument with your wife about how long it had been since you submitted it.

What is it they say about March? In like a lion and out like a lamb? Not this year! The crazy March weather had me skiing the best run of my life one day and the next day wishing for ice skates instead of skis. Click here to learn how the unpredictability of the weather had me wishing for spring.

Speaking of spring, one of the things I love most about it is the chance to do all of the things I love. For a few magical weeks, there is enough snow to ski, the trails have melted enough to hike, the rock is dry, the sun is warm, and the days are longer—meaning it’s the perfect opportunity to pair multiple activities together. This article I wrote for goEast details a few of my favorite pairings.

A few years ago, my wife talked me into running the Wapack Trail Race and, this year, goEast gave me a chance to write about it. Since my editor cut out the part about me beating my wife, I will use this opportunity to brag. After training all winter, my wife was sure she was ready to crush me on the Wapack. Me? I ran a total of three times in the six-ish months leading up to the race and still beat her by 30 minutes. (The lesson here is never doubt my ability to suffer and how crazy competition can make me.) This article details some of the suffering, but also some of the fun ways you can experience the Wapack Trail for yourself.

It has been a busy spring, and as I continue to try to jam as much fun as possible into life, it seems some things have been getting lost in the cracks. Since writing this article, I hate to say I might be getting worse. Oh well…as long as I don’t forget to get outside and keep beer in the fridge, I’m sure everything else will work itself out.

Throughout our relationship, Ashley and I have been lucky to do a fair amount of traveling, with most of it being for outdoorsy activities. On our last few trips, though, the travel itself may have been a bit more adventurous than the hiking, climbing, skiing that we traveled for. If you’re interested in learning about Tim-style adventure travel, give this piece a read.

In my last recap, I promised to be more attentive to the Outdoor Ninja, and so far so good, as I have managed to publish something almost every week since. (I missed one week, but I was out of town on vacation so get off my back.) Please continue to check in, I have a handful of articles in the pipeline for goEast and some fun ideas for the Ninja later this spring.