Monthly Archive: November, 2017

Dos Amigos

With winter almost here and ski season set to begin, we’re sure to see an uptick in visitors over the next few months. Entertaining in the winter is easy, and entertaining skiers is even… Continue reading

Almost Winter Update

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, winter sports season has officially begun. By the time I publish this, the Black Dike has been climbed signaling the beginning of ice season and a fair amount… Continue reading

Suds in the Shower

Whenever we have guests over, I’m struck with nerves about the state of our bathroom. No, it’s not because there are whiskers in the sink, something growing in the shower, or that it’s missing… Continue reading

Mountain Town Monologue

When I think of the idyllic mountain town, my mind strangely wanders to a place that I have never been: the Alps. In dreamy moments, like when the Powerball jackpot exceeds a few… Continue reading

End of Fall Check-In

Whew! October was a whirlwind with multiple articles being published, an increase in “real” work—thank you, fast-approaching holiday season—and a much-needed vacation in Utah that ended up being light on relaxing, but heavy… Continue reading