Almost Winter Update


Now that Thanksgiving has passed, winter sports season has officially begun. By the time I publish this, the Black Dike has been climbed signaling the beginning of ice season and a fair amount of ski resorts have their lifts spinning. Before we get too deep into winter and my addiction to the white powdery stuff drives me away from writing, here are a few of the most recent articles I’ve had published.

For years, the dream had been to buy a house in New Hampshire to be closer to the mountains. And, while I love the easy access my new home provides to the White Mountains, I must have been missing those long drives because I became enamored with the mountains of Vermont this summer. Whether it’s the excitement of new trails and new summits, or simply the allure of the state’s out-of-this-world beer, I quickly ticked off Vermont’s 4,000-footers this summer and wrote this piece about it for goEast. I guess the grass is always going to be greener when Vermont is on the other side.

Speaking of moving, the moment we moved to New Hampshire, I swore off outdoor activities in Massachusetts. It’s not that Massachusetts doesn’t have awesome locations to play in, it’s just that they come with too much traffic and too much aggravation which simply makes driving north more appealing than south. Whether I was blinded by my rekindled interest in mountain biking or just wanted to hang out with old friends, I spent some time biking on the south shore and, in an effort to make back some gas money, compiled this article for goEast about it.

Small, lightweight, rugged…no, I’m not talking about my wife—but I am talking about something else I like to sleep with: the Sea to Summit UlttraLight Sleeping Pad. Much like with my wife, it was love at first sight for me with the Sea to Summit UltraLight Pad and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to partner up with it. Unlike my wife, it was relatively affordable at just $99 retail. If anyone is interested in the dirty details of our releashonship—me and the pad, that is—read about it in this goEast article.

One of the best parts of writing for goEast has been the oppurtunity to revisit some of my favorite trips to refresh my memory, gather information, or take photos. Tough job, right? However, with a handful of other clients and obligations, it’s not always feasible to repeat every trip before writing about it. One of the best parts of writing with my long-time climbing partner Doug is I don’t have to. Truth be told, I leaned pretty hard on Doug to “research” this one. I’m sure everyone’s heart bleeds for the hard work he put in on the sharp end for our Crawford Notch Slab Climbs for Fall article.

If someone hasn’t started an Instagram page for perfectly laid out gear shots like this, they should. From the organization to the symmetry to the gear to the half-naked woman in the middle of the photo, there’s something about these shots that I find captivating. Although I lack the photographic skill to capture such an image, here is my best attempt to take a shot of verbally rendering the gear photo while hopefully imparting some knowledge on how to pack for hiking in the Whites during the fall.

If you like stories about skiing, après, burritos, or poutine, keep checking back to stay up to date with what I’ve been up to and, most importantly, what I’ve been drinking and eating.