Spinning My Wheels

This year, I had a love affair with my mountain bike (okay, bikes) that began in the spring and lasted through the fall. However, with the arrival of winter, and its dark, gloomy mood, my relationship with the bike came to an abrupt end, and I miss it. Although conditions aren’t ideal for riding my bike outside, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of recharging my romance with my bike(s), by dusting off my long-ignored indoor trainer.

The trainer offers a lot of benefits, most importantly the opportunity to pedal whenever I want, regardless of the time or weather. In addition to the convenience of the trainer, it also gives me the ability to maintain the fitness gained over the previous months and helps keep the putting on of “winter weight” to a minimumnot to mention it’s the perfect place to catch up on Netflix guilt free.

In spite of the aforementioned benefits, I just can’t get myself psyched to set up the trainer. Around Christmas, I told myself I would set it up and ride two afternoons a week. When that failed, I blamed the holidays and said I would begin spinning on the trainer immediately following the New Year. On January 2 (a Tuesday), I called the whole week a loss, claiming that New Year’s screwed up the week. Of course, another week has passed and the trainer is still sitting in the corner and my bikes are locked up, sad and unridden, in the shed.

As I type these words, I am full of shame; I could easily be pedaling in my office, rather than lamenting the act on the internet. I really do miss my bike, however, I’m just not sure I miss it enough to pedal it while not going anywhere. Also, how much fun can you have on a bike that you can’t wheelie?

Maybe this will be the week I finally get on the trainer. I have some big bike plans for the upcoming season, and those plans would certainly benefit from me spending some time pedaling before the start of the season. Sadly, history indicates that next week at this time I will be right here, on my computer, complaining about how much Zwift costs or how fast my friends who are still riding are getting, while the trainer continues to collect cobwebs in the corner of my office.