January Recap

January—and New Year’s Day, in particular—presents the chance to reflect on how we spent the last 365 days, and more importantly, it lets us look ahead to how we want to spend the next 365. Although most of my New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside (how does everybody feel about February resolutions?), I’m stoked for the New Year. While I’m thinking about the rest of 2018, take a minute to peruse my latest articles published on goEast. Sure, some of them are holiday related, but for those of you looking ahead, Christmas is only something like 330 days away.

My friend Tim used to live in Lincoln, NH, and his conveniently located apartment offered easy access to both a couch and the mountains; because of that, I visited him frequently. In spite of living so close to so many different mountains, Tim and I mostly did two hikes, Mount Moosilaukee or Franconia Ridge, letting how late we stayed out (and how much we drank) the night before dictate the day’s objective. It was nice to revisit this old favorite while writing the goEast Alpha Guide: Hiking Franconia Ridge In Winter. More so, it was nice to do this hike not following a late night at the Woodstock Brewery!

Before I started writing for Eastern Mountain Sports, and well before goEast, EMS did a series of xxx items for the xxx on your list blog posts. I thought they were hokey and even went so far as to create mock versions of them on my personal blog. It was through my mocking that I discovered that these blogs were actually fun to write. This listicle on 10 Stocking Stuffers Under $50 for the Ice Climber was an easy way to share some knowledge and provided a pleasant diversion from writing about weightier topics like drinking beers in the shower.

I love writing articles like this goEast piece Doug and I worked on together about preparing for ice climbing season. To me, this article is as much about how I would act in a perfect world as it is about tips. For example, in a perfect world, I would have thought about ice climbing at some point before the night preceding my season’s first climb, the first swings of my ice axes wouldn’t leave me wishing I had sharpened them, and after the season’s first rope length, I wouldn’t be regretting my decision to spend more time on the couch doing twelve-ounce curls than in the gym getting into climbing condition.

One of the things I like most about skiing is the culture that surrounds the sport, which is funny because I spend very little time in the lodge, at the bar, or partaking in many of skiing’s long-held traditions. One of the other things I enjoy about skiing is that the sport doesn’t take itself too seriously. For this goEast article, Doug and I had some fun with the tradition of après-ski, and while it’s far from a serious piece, it might be one of the articles that I most enjoyed writing in 2017.

I really love how this article suggesting New Year’s resolutions from prior goEast articles came out. Although I would love to take credit for the idea, truth be told, I wrote a different New Year’s article that missed the mark before Doug suggested doing this. The lesson being, as always, whether climbing or writing, you can always count on Doug to take the sharp end when things get tough.

So far, 2018 is off to an exciting start—Ashley and I got a puppy (see photo above) and we’re looking forward to all sorts of four-legged adventures. In addition, it looks like Doug and I have a commitment to write our first magazine article. We’ve also started a side project, The Whites Roomas a place to collect all of our writing that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else, so if you like what you see here, check it out!