Being Spoiled

Unwinding after a pre-work bouldering session (kidding)   One of the strange things about working retail is the schedule.  People who have never had a retail schedule are often mortified by the days… Continue reading


I have worked for Eastern Mountian Sports for six years (give or take), and for six years we have sold this crazy contraption called Yaktrax.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Yaktrax are a… Continue reading

Get Rad

Luke with his new Jones board Luke and I hiked up the backside of Mount Wachusett and skied down Conifer on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  In the past, I had always preferred… Continue reading

The Rookie

Matt and Mickey hiking up Mickey Spades started the new year off with a purchase of a set of AT skis and a new years resolution to become a skier.  I can hardly… Continue reading

School’s Out

The Hike toward Echo Lake Luke out in front On Thursday morning I took my girlfriend to Mount Wachusett for a morning snowboard lesson with my sister.  My pass is not valid during… Continue reading


Looking at the scenery from the midway point Doug looking for a line amidst thin conditions in the trees In the aftermath of the blizzard we received, I came to the realization that I had not… Continue reading

Ka Pow

My car in the morning With the holidays behind us and a big storm on the way, my girlfriend and I headed north Sunday afternoon hopeful to be riding fresh snow the following… Continue reading

Breakfast and Bouldering

No lights, no customers, no one at the desk…heaven One of the great things about being in my position is that you are constantly in the right spot to make quality connections in the… Continue reading

Luke Wins

Nate getting his tele gear dialed in The other morning I met Luke and Nate at Mount Wachusett.  Nate had been left super psyched on telemark skiing following the on snow demo, and… Continue reading

Friction Fix

Back home and as good as new If you climb as frequently as I do, and with as consistently poor footwork, you will find yourself wearing out climbing shoes at a pretty fast… Continue reading