The Carrot not the Stick

The other day at the rock gym, a friend asked me how I was lucky enough to meet a girl who shares so many of my interests. The truth is that I did… Continue reading

Bringing the Inside Out

I have an ugly secret: over the past few years, I have grown to enjoy climbing in the rock gym. For a long time, I prided myself on being a member of the… Continue reading

Optimistic on Osceola

Hot would be an understatement when describing the weather last week. With temperatures in the nineties almost every day, it was clear that summer had finally arrived. During the week, I had begun to settle… Continue reading

I’ll Never Do That Again

Whether it’s climbing, mountain biking, or hiking, there’s something satisfying about completing a hard route, a scary mountain bike trail, or a grueling hike. While the feeling of accomplishment is a nice reward… Continue reading

Outdoor Wife, Outdoor Life

I am almost positive that the phrase “happy wife, happy life” has been uttered by husbands everywhere since the dawn of time. In fact, I think there is even a pictograph implying as… Continue reading

Life Partner vs. Adventure Partner

For most of us, finding a person that we want to spend the rest of our lives with is a big deal (that’s right Ashley—life, not eternity). For those of us truly blessed, that… Continue reading

Skunked in the Pacific Northwest

It was cold, windy, and visibility was decreasing by the moment on the ridge leading to the summit of Washington’s Mount St. Helens. It was our fourth and final day of a trip to… Continue reading

The Car Bivy

Eight years ago, on a trip to Mount Hood, I was introduced to the staple of dirtbag sleeping arrangements known as the car bivy. For those of you who don’t travel in climbing… Continue reading

Forget Me Not

When my fiancée, Ashley, and I began dating, it not surprisingly coincided with us doing more outdoor activities together. Despite both of us having worked for Eastern Mountain Sports for many years and… Continue reading

The Packing Shot

One of the greatest joys of taking a trip is the shooting of the packing photograph. Whether it’s the satisfaction an adventurer gets from organizing, documenting, and reveling in the tools of their craft,… Continue reading