Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Going Native

Sharp looking shades, and functional   Being in the outdoor industry, my phone rings a lot with questions about gear from friends.  Being in the business helps to put a person in the know; not… Continue reading

Rest Days

I might be able to get behind this type of day on the couch  I feel about rest days how most people feel about homelessness, racism, and child abuse.  That is to say, I abhor rest… Continue reading

Lunch Ride

Not exactly what I had in mind for a lunch ride Over the past few years I have had multiple opportunities to visit Eastern Mountain Sports Base camp (what EMS’ers call corporate headquarters), and have always been… Continue reading

Views From the Road, Part 3: Loud Pipes Save Lives

Hmmmm? One of the things about the beginning of road biking season is that it coincides with the beginning of motorcycle season. On a ride earlier this week I was made very aware… Continue reading

Shoe Problem

Imelda…my inspiration I have a serious shoe problem, there I said it.  They say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, and I could sure use some healing.  I love shoes!… Continue reading


Pretty sure I resemble Prefontaine, just with longer shorts and not nearly as good of mustache. With the early demise of ski season and the relatively nice weather (not excatly the eighty-degree weather of a… Continue reading

Too Early For Apres?

The other night Ashley was cleaning up old messages from her cell phone as I poked through the latest Ski Journal, when she noticed a slightly disturbing trend from this winter: as the season… Continue reading

Views From the Road, Part 2: A Note to Pedestrians

The Ministry of Silly Walks (or walkers in this case) What happened to the nice weather?  Just as I was beginning to find my psych for cycling season we have been hit with grey, drizzly,… Continue reading